Making a Master’s Menu

On Tuesday evening culinary legend Jacques Pepin participated in a livestream event hosted by Feast it Forward. Chef Pepin created a 3 course menu and demonstrated all the recipes live in just one hour.cookingcropHere at Nourrie Cuisine, we love Chef Pepin’s laid back approach to cooking his French-American classic dishes. However, we can’t just follow his menus line by line. First, we have to reinterpret his traditional omnivore fare into our own plant-based creations. Read on to see how we transformed a roast chicken dinner into a fresh, healthful meat and dairy-free feast. Continue reading Making a Master’s Menu

Panang Curry Tofu

My all-time favorite Thai dish is panang curry. It’s rich and creamy yet also a bit spicy. Many traditional Thai recipes include fish sauce, meat, or chicken stock, but my recipe omits animal ingredients and still maintains the authentic flavors of Thailand. The key is that I use authentic ingredients such as Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves. Serve this curry with steamed rice for an entrée you’ll crave again and again. Continue reading Panang Curry Tofu